• Understanding your Benefits

    Several team members are dedicated to helping you access your insurance benefits. You are an important part of this team.

  • Before your Visit, we need:

    A Referral to our Specialty Practice

    PPO and POS patients do not require a referral for an initial visit.

    HMO patients require a referral from their Primary Care Practitioner.

    Confirmation of Your Eligibility for Benefits

    This means you are entitled to benefits covered by your plan.

    Make sure that we have a current copy of your insurance card. Message us and we will send you a link to send a photo of your insurance and ID.

    Please be sure to update us if there are any changes to your coverage, address or contact information.

    Authorization for your Visit or Treatment

    HMO plans require authorizations for all visits and treatments.

    PPO, POS and Medicare plans generally do not require authorization for visits, but may require authorization for special services, such as Botox injections, CT and MRI scans.

  • How you can help:

    1. Review your medical insurance card. Send us a photo of the front and back of your card

    2. Call your insurance company to discuss your benefits

    3. Request a referral from your doctor or call or text us. If your dentist refers you, call your doctor for a referral to our practice.

    4. Message us to let us know any pertinent information you obtain about your coverage.