• Testimonials

  • Props to Doctor Eli and his staff who recently helped me through a medical crisis . To explain I was down to four pills of my pain meds and I was waiting for my insurance to approve a new pain med because my old one got taken of the shelf. The Doctor put me on norco while we waited for my meds to be approved . Norco did not work for me I had a horrible reaction to it . Needless to say they went above and beyond for me they got that new medicine approved for me they called emailed faxed paper work and more and finally my insurance approved it . And I'm doing amazing on this new medicine no side affects what so ever . Also Doctor Eli is really good at Botox shots he made it painless for me he put my mind at ease the Botox helped me to be able to chew without that rubber band tightness in my jaw . Doctor Elis staff thank you for all you do thank you for taking all my calls and answering all my questions . Also if you want a doctor who doesn't put you in a box then this is the doctor for you.

    Brittany J.

  • Best pain management dr.and so patient! I can't believe the negative reviews. We had an older lady with extreme jaw and neck pain from an auto accident ( her jaw was unstable and would come dislodged ) She was in so much pain and only Dr Eli's botox treatments and encouraging words could calm her down. He and his office staff were extremely kind and helpful to a very needy and hopeless older woman. Dr eli would take her phone calls at all times of the day and night. And they would fit her in when she needed it. Dr. Eli would sit and talk to her and try to calm her down if it wasn't time for more botox. We were caring for her and were so blessed by Dr. Eli's patience that went way beyond what he was paid for.

    Sharyn W.

  • After suffering for nearly 2 yrs after having endured meningitis. I can finally look forward to enjoying life again. Many thanks to Dr. Eli and his staff for helping me dig my way out of the hole I had fallen into.

    Monika S.

  • I've seen Dr. Eli twice in the past year and have been completely blown away by his personal attention to my jaw pain. The office has a casual flair with just enough professional touch to promote a calm and friendly environment. While he may run over the "15-minute" time most doctors allot a patient, it's completely worth it when it's your turn. I've seen many doctors and tried various treatments since the mid-1970s and NO ONE has hit the mark like Dr Eli. Thank you for the pain relief!

    Treva L.

  • After a horrible experience I had last week with a supposed TMJ specialist. Today, on the other hand, I met Dr. Eli and I have say from the moment I walked in I felt more relaxed. Good vibes if you know what I mean. Beautiful tropical arrangements! Being the type that likes to chat, I commented on them to the receptionist , Yvette, that they were very nice. She told me they change them weekly. Nice touch. After a considerable but not exaggerated amount of time we, my wife who is a doctor, were led to an office by a lovely young lady named Melissa who was typing her butt off and actually listened! When she was finished she led us to another office to wait for the doc.

    That's when the real fun started! Originally my wife was to do all the talking, me being untrusting of doctors. This guy was so unlike EVERY other doctor I have ever seen. Did I mention that I have had MS for the last 18 years or so. He listened, more importantly he heard what I said and came up with a very simple treatment plan. Going back for a check up in a week.

    Anthony G.

  • DR Eli is the best doctor I have ever seen in my life back in 2007 I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuraliga by two neurologists. I was having excruciating sharp pain in my right jaw so base on my neurologist diagnosed I was taking gabapentin and literally I was disabled for more than 6 months cause the side effect of that couldn't move and had a Excruciating pain in my legs and I was living like vegetables for while then I decided to have a surgery and even schedule time of surgery and one day my wife on way home saw doctor Eli sign it was written facial pain and she talked me in to that to visit this doctor, I was so pissed off but finally agreed to see him. For DR Eli it took three minutes to diagnose my illness and prove that I was misdiagnosed. Basically he told me that two deep filling teeth that I had caused this pain and I need to take care of that with an endodontist.

    As simple as that!!!!!! Since then I have never ever had that excruciating pain and I am so thankful and grateful for Dr Eli ,he gave me a new life and I always remember that literally he saved me life.

    Daniel M.

  • I was referred to Dr Eli several years ago by my endodontist for neuropathic pain in my front teeth, and have been a patient ever since. Dr Eli immediately understood several diagnostic and pain elements about my case that had alluded other doctors, and he has always been very professional and supportive. I trust his expertise in my treatment, and appreciate his efforts to communicate with my other doctors. I also appreciated when he sent me (without any request from me) to see experts at UCLA for a second opinion. His staff is always friendly and caring; and seem to genuinely enjoy being there. I highly recommend Dr Eli.

    Amy W.