• Our policy is to provide you with excellent care and efficient services.

    To use your medical insurance:

    1. Send a photo of your insurance card and an ID card through our text messaging system or by emailing us at info@drbradeli.com

    2. Bring your insurance card to each appointment and update us when there are changes to your coverage.

    3. Co-pays are collected at the time of service.

    Self-pay. Paid in full, or payment arrangements, made at the time of service. Prices for various services are listed on our web site. You have the right to be informed of the cost of a treatment or service prior to receiving it. 

    Services requiring authorization. HMO and some PPO/POS/EPO services must be authorized in advance. If you do not have proper authorization, it is likely your insurance company will deny payment. You can assist with this process by calling your insurance company.

    Not all services provided are covered by insurance. Contact your insurance to determine if a specific treatment is covered. Charges not covered by your insurance company are your responsibility.

    Insurance questions, contact our specialist at 760-436-6365 option 4

    Billing questions, contact our specialist at 760-436-6365 option 5